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Monday, March 26, 2007

CTB 3-8-07

Like every other episode of CTB, you cannot afford to miss this one. Why?
George Karl considered benching Melo. Did a Big Radio Star agree?
In the CTBreak from the NBA, Brian, Joey and Derek discuss the Forbes Magazine GM rankings. Why? Kevin McHale was ranked #1 in all of the four major sports.
CTB also predicts when the Mavs will lose their next game.

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CTB 3-6-07

On show #196 Brian, Joey and Derek discussed fan friendly Ron Artest's arrest. You'll never guess how wrong Brian and Derek were about the rest of his career... unless you've already heard this show.
Then Joey gives a warm and cuddly CTBriefing on NBA Cares... right?
The Big Radio Stars also break down John Hollinger's Power Rankings. Is he on to something or just on something?
In the CTBreak from the NBA, CTB continues its MLB preview with a breakdown of the AL West.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

CTB 3-1-07

You heard it first on CTB.
B. Chap, The Grecian and the Talk of New York broke the news to you that Portland Trail Blazers GM Steve Patterson resigned to open the show. What did the move mean? Find out on this episode.
Also, Derek deals with devestation. Jamal Crawford is done for the season. The Big Radio Stars discuss whether the Knicks are done for the season.
During the CTBreak from the NBA, they discussed the possibility of a 3-strike rule in the NFL and ended the show with your Thursday Favorites.

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CTB 2-27-07

On this episode of "Crashin' The Boards" the Big Radio Stars were about 2/3 of the way through the season. That means playoff predictions.
Would Joey stay on the Warriors bandwagon?
Was Derek's mind still rotting from Clippery thoughts?
Would Brian continue to believe Fat Jerome James and Knicks would get the 7 seed in the East?
Listen for the answers.
Also Brian gives a CTBriefing on why the trade deadline was so... DEAD.
In the CTBreak from the NBA, the Historian, the New Yorker and the Cold-Hearted One previewed the NL West.

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CTB 2-22-07

It's our 3rd annual CTB Trade Deadline Spectacular.
For the 2nd year in a row CTB had Doug Karsch of WXYT in Detroit as a guest and for the 2nd year in a row the trade deadline was dead.
What will you hear in this show?
Who knows. There were recording problems and studio problems, but you can probably listen to part of the show if you click the title.

CTB 2-20-07

Why should you listen to this episode of "Crashin' The Boards"?
Because you can hear the Big Radio Stars discuss NBA All-Star Weekend, trade rumors and the NFL draft (from a Penn State persective.)
Plus a CTBriefing by the Talk of New York Derek Major on The NBA All-Star Game.

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CTB 2-15-07

In today's episode of CTB, Brian, Joey and Derek go in depth on the Wizards. Should Arenas become a leader? Should Etan Thomas or Brendan Haywood leave the team?
The Game of the Week Precap selection was a no-brainer... the All-Star Game. Listen to find out who won.

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