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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

CTB 2-13-07

On this episode of CTB the Big Radio Stars discuss whether or not teams should respect the Raptors, Tim Duncan's legacy and the Marty Schottenheimer firing. Joey also gives a CTBriefing on All-Star Weekend.
Derek also explains what he does and does not feel guilty about.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

CTB 2-8-07

The Boston Celtics had lost 16 straight at the time of this show. What should they do with their first round draft pick? Paul Pierce says trade it. What do the Big Radio Stars of Crashin' The Boards think should happen to it... Listen to find out.
Plus: Jamelle Cornley's future. According to Brian, Joey and Derek, it's bright... for a Penn State player.

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CTB 2-6-07

On the February 6, 2007 edition of Crashin' The Boards Brian, Derek and Joey discussed the first IM basketball loss of the season for "We Are Calvin Booth." They also discussed the All-Star reserves and didn't have a big problem with most of them. PSU football fans got a fix when the Big Radio Stars analyzed the new Nittany Lions recruiting class in the CTBreak from the NBA. Brian also gave a deep and insightful CTBriefing on the effects of the 2005 Eddy Curry trade.
And Derek gave his first CTBelief... and it was about the Hawks... and that wasn't even the worst part about it.

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