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Sunday, January 21, 2007

CTB 1-16-07

On the first show of 2007 Brian, Joey and Derek discussed the early results of the A.I. trade, listened to Brian's "I Have an NBA Dream" CTBriefing, debated the importance of C-Webb signing with the Pistons and analyzed the most recent power rankings. Though that would've been enoough, they also talked Big 10 basketball, said it's time to break up the Nets and said besides their opponents the Mavs have nothing to worry about.
This show was only partially recorded so you will not be able to hear it all.
Here are some highlights from Brian Chapman's tear jerking"I Have an NBA Dream" speech:
"I have an NBA dream that however many children I have will one day live in a nation where Dwayne Wade will not be sent to the FT line because of his status in the league, but because someone actually hacked him as he drove the lane."
"I have an NBA dream that up in Portland, with its vicious pot smokers, with its criminal-minded gun owners... one day right there in Portland, the Trail Blazers can lose a game and not respond by breaking the law."
"This will be the day when all NBA fans will be able to sing with new meaning, 'We fly high, no lie, you notice, BALLIN!'"
In other show highlights:
Derek thinks four Big 10 teams will make the big dance, Brian says 5, Joey says 7. None were dumb enough to pick the Nittany Lions.

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