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Friday, June 22, 2007

B. Chap's Mock Draft

Sorry about not updating the blog in a long time, but we haven't been able to upload any shows. But our blog has can multitask. It can hold classic CTB shows and hold the other valuable CTBasketball content. Like my Mock Draft! Check it out and post your comments below. Just so you know, this Mock Draft is subject to change and it is how I think the first round SHOULD play out IF there are no trades. Make sure that you tune in on Tuesday and Thursday as Derek and I preview Thursday night's draft.
1. POR: Kevin Durant (Durant is the better player, Oden's wrist is STILL not 100% and Oden has a bulging disc in his back.)
2. SEA: Greg Oden (No brainer. Plus the Sonics draft centers like the Detroit Lions draft WRs.)
3. ATL: Brandon Wright (GM Billy Knight says you can't have enough 6'8" swingmen. Wright is close at just under 6'10".)
4. MEM: Al Horford (MEM needs a solid post presence to go alongside Gasol... and a lot of other help too.)
5. BOS: Yi Jianlian (Frontcourt of Jianlian and Jefferson could be something to reckon with, but their PGs still suck.)
6. MIL: Corey Brewer (Simmons was hurt this past year and was disappointed the year before. Brewer won't disappoint on either end of the court.)
7. MIN: Mike Conley Jr. (Goodbye Mike James, hello Mike Conley Jr. who had success playing with a 7-foot star in college.)
8. CHA: Thaddeus Young (G. Wallace will leave. Jordan will replace him with the best available SF. Young, a freshman, is that SF.)
9. CHI: Joakim Noah (CHI's problem was no frontcourt scoring. Noah will give them 8-12ppg as a rookie.)
10. SAC: Jeff Green (This is insurance in case Artest acts up again, moves to Europe, quits to rap or gets traded. PG is also a possibility if Bibby leaves.)
11. ATL: Javaris Crittendon (ATL won't take a PG at #3 since they'll still have tall options [see comment for #3] at #11. Crittendon is 6'4" and freshman.)
12. PHI: Sean Williams (Character issues won't sway the Sixers from taking the draft's best shot blocker.)
13. NO: Al Thornton (Thornton could go 5-7 picks higher, but NO will take him to replace Desmond Mason.)
14. LAC: Julian Wright (The Clippers will take Wright to replace Maggette who they'll finally trade.)
15. DET: Acie Law (DET takes Law not to start and kick out Mr. Big Shot, but to back him up.
16. WAS: Spencer Hawes (The Wizards center situation is mess. Hawes is not athletic, but he's big and he'll force the trade of Haywood or Thomas.)
17. NJ: Josh McRoberts (NJ adds front court offense and defense will welcoming the return or Nenad Krstic.)
18. GS: Jason Smith (He's a 7-footer who likes to play far from the hoop. Sounds like a Nellie guy to me.)
19. LAL: Rodney Stuckey (Solid backcourt scorer who can come off of the bench and carry some of the load.)
20. MIA: Nick Young (Like the Lakers, the Heat improve their best position by taking the best available. Could move up to take a PG.)
21. PHI: Daquean Cook (With no PG to take they'll add to their swingman depth with D. Cook.)
22. CHA: Marcus Williams (Jordan takes a SG here because he doesn't want Adam Morrisson to start.)
23. NY: Tiago Splitter (Knicks fans will boo because they'll want an American, but they need a big man.)
24. PHX: Marco Bellinelli (PHX likes foreigners who can shoot. Marco Bellinelli is a foreigner who can shoot.)
25. UT: Rudy Fernandez (UT will take the Spanish Manu Ginobili and sit him on the bench because he's a rookie.)
26. HOU: Glen Davis (He could go anywhere from mid-first round to mid-second round. HOU traded Howard and needs a replacement. They'll draft a fat replacement.)
27. DET: Alando Tucker (DET traded away Delfino and will make the Big 10 Player of the Year backup Rip and Tay.)
28. SA: Marco Gasol (San Antonio doesn't know how to pass up on a foreigner and they won't at #28.)
29. PHX: Derrick Byars (I don't know who he is and my logic for putting him here is that a lot of other mock drafts have him going higher, so I can't have him fall out of the first round.)
30. PHI: Gabe Pruitt (PHI takes a PG to learn from Andre Miller.)

On Tuesday and Thursday on CTB, I'll obviously have more detailed explanations. Hopefully Derek will put his Mock Draft up soon.
Leave your comments below and/or save them for when you call in to CTB.

Monday, March 26, 2007

CTB 3-8-07

Like every other episode of CTB, you cannot afford to miss this one. Why?
George Karl considered benching Melo. Did a Big Radio Star agree?
In the CTBreak from the NBA, Brian, Joey and Derek discuss the Forbes Magazine GM rankings. Why? Kevin McHale was ranked #1 in all of the four major sports.
CTB also predicts when the Mavs will lose their next game.

Click the title to hear this show.

CTB 3-6-07

On show #196 Brian, Joey and Derek discussed fan friendly Ron Artest's arrest. You'll never guess how wrong Brian and Derek were about the rest of his career... unless you've already heard this show.
Then Joey gives a warm and cuddly CTBriefing on NBA Cares... right?
The Big Radio Stars also break down John Hollinger's Power Rankings. Is he on to something or just on something?
In the CTBreak from the NBA, CTB continues its MLB preview with a breakdown of the AL West.

Click the title to hear this show.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

CTB 3-1-07

You heard it first on CTB.
B. Chap, The Grecian and the Talk of New York broke the news to you that Portland Trail Blazers GM Steve Patterson resigned to open the show. What did the move mean? Find out on this episode.
Also, Derek deals with devestation. Jamal Crawford is done for the season. The Big Radio Stars discuss whether the Knicks are done for the season.
During the CTBreak from the NBA, they discussed the possibility of a 3-strike rule in the NFL and ended the show with your Thursday Favorites.

Click the title to hear this show.

CTB 2-27-07

On this episode of "Crashin' The Boards" the Big Radio Stars were about 2/3 of the way through the season. That means playoff predictions.
Would Joey stay on the Warriors bandwagon?
Was Derek's mind still rotting from Clippery thoughts?
Would Brian continue to believe Fat Jerome James and Knicks would get the 7 seed in the East?
Listen for the answers.
Also Brian gives a CTBriefing on why the trade deadline was so... DEAD.
In the CTBreak from the NBA, the Historian, the New Yorker and the Cold-Hearted One previewed the NL West.

Click the link to hear this show.

CTB 2-22-07

It's our 3rd annual CTB Trade Deadline Spectacular.
For the 2nd year in a row CTB had Doug Karsch of WXYT in Detroit as a guest and for the 2nd year in a row the trade deadline was dead.
What will you hear in this show?
Who knows. There were recording problems and studio problems, but you can probably listen to part of the show if you click the title.

CTB 2-20-07

Why should you listen to this episode of "Crashin' The Boards"?
Because you can hear the Big Radio Stars discuss NBA All-Star Weekend, trade rumors and the NFL draft (from a Penn State persective.)
Plus a CTBriefing by the Talk of New York Derek Major on The NBA All-Star Game.

Click the link to hear this show.

CTB 2-15-07

In today's episode of CTB, Brian, Joey and Derek go in depth on the Wizards. Should Arenas become a leader? Should Etan Thomas or Brendan Haywood leave the team?
The Game of the Week Precap selection was a no-brainer... the All-Star Game. Listen to find out who won.

Click the title to hear this show.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

CTB 2-13-07

On this episode of CTB the Big Radio Stars discuss whether or not teams should respect the Raptors, Tim Duncan's legacy and the Marty Schottenheimer firing. Joey also gives a CTBriefing on All-Star Weekend.
Derek also explains what he does and does not feel guilty about.

Check back soon to hear a link to this show.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

CTB 2-8-07

The Boston Celtics had lost 16 straight at the time of this show. What should they do with their first round draft pick? Paul Pierce says trade it. What do the Big Radio Stars of Crashin' The Boards think should happen to it... Listen to find out.
Plus: Jamelle Cornley's future. According to Brian, Joey and Derek, it's bright... for a Penn State player.

Check back soon for the link to hear this show.

CTB 2-6-07

On the February 6, 2007 edition of Crashin' The Boards Brian, Derek and Joey discussed the first IM basketball loss of the season for "We Are Calvin Booth." They also discussed the All-Star reserves and didn't have a big problem with most of them. PSU football fans got a fix when the Big Radio Stars analyzed the new Nittany Lions recruiting class in the CTBreak from the NBA. Brian also gave a deep and insightful CTBriefing on the effects of the 2005 Eddy Curry trade.
And Derek gave his first CTBelief... and it was about the Hawks... and that wasn't even the worst part about it.

Check back soon for a link to hear this show.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

CTB 2-1-07

On this episode of Crashin' The Boards the Big Radio Stars debate whether the not the Wizards are for real and and the drama in Salt Lake City. Plus they give their Super Bowl Picks in the CTBreak from the NBA and your Thursday Favorites.

Click on the title to hear this show.

CTB 1-30-07

On this episode of CTB, Brian and Derek discuss their 33-19 victory for "We Are Calvin Booth" over "The Revolution" in IM basketball. Then Joey joined for their All-Star starters debate. Among the highlights... Joey thinks that Caron Butler should star over Shaq, but Shaq plays center. In the CTBreak from the NBA they discussed possible Ichiro trade destinations.

Click the title to hear this show.

Friday, January 26, 2007

CTB 1-25-07

On this episode of "Crashin' The Boards" Brian, Joey and Derek unveil their preliminary 2007 NFL mock drafts for the top picks. Besides discussing why the Lions will select WR Calvin Johnson, they explained why the wrong man was fired for the T-Wolves and got to your Thursday favorites.
This week's game of the week: SA @ LAL.

Click the title to hear this show.

CTB 1-23-07

On this episode of CTB the hosts discuss Memphis and their tradeable star, Pau Gasol, plus Joey gives a CTBriefing on the Eastern Conference.

Click on the title to hear this show.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

CTB 1-18-07

On this episode of the monopolizing conglomerate that is "Crashin' The Boards" the hosts discussed the eight player Pacers/Warriors trade. They also axed the question: Should the top 3 teams in the Central division fight for the #2 seed?
After a loss to the Lakers at home the Spurs were falling to the middle of the Western Conference playoff pack. Should they make a deal? The "Tawk of New Youk" Derek Major said that they should stay the course, while Joey and Brian agreed that they need help to compete with Dallas and Phoenix.
For your Thursday favorites the Big Radio Stars previewed DET @ MIN and gave you their Surprises and Demises of the Week.

Click on the title to hear this show.

CTB 1-16-07

On the first show of 2007 Brian, Joey and Derek discussed the early results of the A.I. trade, listened to Brian's "I Have an NBA Dream" CTBriefing, debated the importance of C-Webb signing with the Pistons and analyzed the most recent power rankings. Though that would've been enoough, they also talked Big 10 basketball, said it's time to break up the Nets and said besides their opponents the Mavs have nothing to worry about.
This show was only partially recorded so you will not be able to hear it all.
Here are some highlights from Brian Chapman's tear jerking"I Have an NBA Dream" speech:
"I have an NBA dream that however many children I have will one day live in a nation where Dwayne Wade will not be sent to the FT line because of his status in the league, but because someone actually hacked him as he drove the lane."
"I have an NBA dream that up in Portland, with its vicious pot smokers, with its criminal-minded gun owners... one day right there in Portland, the Trail Blazers can lose a game and not respond by breaking the law."
"This will be the day when all NBA fans will be able to sing with new meaning, 'We fly high, no lie, you notice, BALLIN!'"
In other show highlights:
Derek thinks four Big 10 teams will make the big dance, Brian says 5, Joey says 7. None were dumb enough to pick the Nittany Lions.

Click on the title to hear this show.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

CTB 12-19-06

On the Tuesday December 19, 2006 episode of "Crashin' The Boards" Brian, Joey and Derek discussed:
The Knicks/Nuggets fight
Penn State Basketball
The latest on news Allen Iverson
The NBA Power Rankings

Check back later for a link to hear this show.


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CTB 12-14-06

On the last Thursday show of 2006 Brian, Joey and Derek discuss the possibility of Allen Iverson going to the defending NBA Champion Miami Heat.
They also adjusted their Playoff Predictions for each conference.

Click the title for a link to hear the show.

CTB 12-12-06

On this episode of "Crashin' The Boards" Brian, Joey and Derek discuss "The Answer." Should he have been traded earlier? What are the latest rumors? The answers are on this show.
For your Tuesday favorites Joey breaks down the Top 20 players under 25 and the Big Radio Stars analyze the Power Rankings.

Click the title for a link to hear this show.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

CTB 12-5-06

On this show the Big Radio Stars chatted with CTBuddy Doug Karsch of WXYZ-AM 1270 in Detroit about the Pistons.
They also discussed the charges filed by the NBAPA regarding the ball and technical fouls, Brian's CTBriefing on Miami's contracts and the Power Rankings.

Click the title for a link to hear this show.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

CTB 11-30-06

On this edition of CTB Brian, Joey and Derek discuss the state of the Houston Rockets and offer plans to revive the Minnesota TimberWolves. The hosts also gave their two cents on Justin Gatlin working out for the Houston Texans.
For the Game of the Week (UT/LAL) Brian chose LAL (and predicted that Kobe would score at least 40pts), Joey chose LAL and Derek chose UT.

Click the title for a link to hear this show.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

CTB 11-28-06

On this episode of CTB the Big Radio Stars discussed Ben Wallace's headband scandal, the potential rebuilding of the Grizzlies and Derek's CTBriefing on the NJ Nets.

Click the title for a link to hear this show.

CTB 11-16-06

On this show Brian and Joey were absent so Derek held it down with special guest J.J. Terlecki. They discussed a K-Martless future for the Nuggets and the pitiful Atlantic Division.

Click the title for a link to hear this show.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

CTB 11-14-06

On this episode of the monopolizing conglomerate that is "Crashin' The Boards," the Big Radio Stars interview Orlando Magic Senior Vice President Pat Williams. Besides the impact of a healthy Grant Hill, the role of J.J. Redick and the presence of Dwight Howard, Pat Williams also spoke to CTB about the value of reading and promoted his book "Read For Your Life." It will hit bookstores in the spring of 2007.
CTB also discussed the potential changes in the Chicago starting lineup and Joey praised Isiah Thomas in his poetic CTBriefing.

Click the title for a link to hear this show.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

CTB 11-9-06

On today's show Brian, Joey and Derek talk about the effect of K-Mart's knee injury, LeBron walking off of the court and the enforcement of technical fouls.

This week's Game of the Week is Dallas @ Phoenix.

Click the title to hear this episode.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

CTB Tuesday 11-7-06

On today's CTB the Big Radio Stars debate the NBA's best starting lineup, discuss Jalen Rose's impact in the desert and talk about the Daisuke Matsuzaka bidding war.
For your Tuesday Favorites Brian rips David Stern in a CTBriefing and they talk about Heat's high ranking in the Power Rankings.

Check back soon for a link to hear this show.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

CTB Tuesday 10-31-06

On this show Brian, Joey and Derek manage to do a Halloween show without mentioning Halloween. How? It's the 1st night of the NBA season! They give their Playoff picks as well as the NBA Champion picks. Derek also dishes out a bitter (but inaccurate) CTBriefing about Father Wolf.

Click the title to hear this show.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

CTB Thursday 11-02-06

On today's edition of CTB the Big Radio Stars discuss the Lakers 2-0 start without Kobe and other observations. They also make their predictions for the Penn State/Wisconsin football game. Both Derek and Brian predicted a loss. Joey was out of the studio for this segment.

Click the title to hear this show.